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Carriere Freres Room Spray Tiare


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A botanical cloud rises in the silliage of the new  Carriere Freres room spray .Its faceted silhouette is an homage to ancient apothecary jars highlighting the herbalist inspiration behind the brand .  Made out of recycled and recyclable glass , it comes in the shape of an apothecary flask and is recognisable to its bluish tint . Capped with an oak top and silver pump , the room spray is filled with a 100% natural alcohol-base . On each face of the FSC -paper packaging ( Forest Stewardship Council ), floral illustrations also run delicately. No doubt, Carriere Freres sustainable approach celebrates nature ! The room spray’s visual identity is coherent, expressed through the octagonal shape of the lable and flask .



TIARE : Gardenia Tahitensis

Amongst the most famous gardenias , the tiare is deliciously aromatic and a symbol of beauty.  Women coat their skin and hair with its essential oil monoi, with glowing effect .

Its ancient recipe “Mahohi “, obtained from the maceration of tiare buds in Coprah oil , is an essential base of Polynesian medicine.  It’s tree blooms into immaculate white flowers that contrast with the intense green of its leaves .  The Tiare’s suave scent is reminiscent of the tuberose.


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Ginger, Tiare, Tomato

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