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Gem Kingdom Logo Necklace


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Gem Kingdom silver necklace with Gem logo

Size 16 CM

Gem Kingdom keeps growing and evolving, making each collection a natural reflection of today’s collective consciousness. Every design embodies contrasts, such as primal yet sophisticated, ethnic and the ultramodern, historical and futuristic. All this results in jewellery with a very personal touch and feel.

Gem Kingdom jewellery is handmade taking the most delicate care and always incorporating high-quality materials. The Gem Kingdom range consists of both women’s and men’s jewellery collections, unique silver art pieces, home accessories, holiday collections, couture collections and collector’s items. The stones, the engraved silver items and all other parts are exclusive Gem Kingdom designs. Gem Kingdom is known for their recognizable style and their unique capability to combine various materials with sterling silver in order to create a perfect blend in every piece of their jewellery