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Ode Rani Quartz Malas


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Rani malas have been made with antique quartz beads which are imbued with new moon energy. Rani in sanskrit meaning queen. Quartz is a healing stone that amplifies any energy or intention. The silk tassel I have made is tied with little pieces of the fabric that are left over from the making of sacred threads and I’ve added an amulet representing the intention to bloom to your full potential. The tassel on a mala represents the connection to the divine as it is the last element that weaves through all 108 beads. It is often seen to present the roots of the lotus.

Each piece has been woven with high vibration energy to enhance your intentions. The element of the intuitively selected pendant, healing quartz crystals and silk strands that tie it all together. It reminds of the meaning of sutra which is sacred thread or note so you just have to whisper your intention and wear your wishes for them to be birthed into the universe.