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Carriere Freres Scented Wax Palets


Carriere Freres – Botanical Palets .

A new home accessory, Carriere Freres botanical palets are scented -wax objects ideal to perfume a wardrobe or drawer .

A new addition to the brands olfactory collection, each palet is entirely hand made in the house’s workshops .

On top a botanical element surfaces : small Damascus rose buds , slices do Syracusa lemon , sprigs of lavender & cedar chips .

Carefully sourced by I’Herboristerie de la Chartreuse , each botanical ingredient comes from a network of local foragers or worldwide partners , handpicked for their commitment to sustainable practices.

Octagonal -shapes, each palet is adorned with a green cotton ribbon : place it or hang it up wherever you want !

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CEDAR : A tree of the Pinaceae family , the cedar first grew in the atlases of North Africa .

DAMASK  ROSE :  Discovered in Turkey , Damascus rose was praised in Syria for its elegance and the finest of its scents .

LAVENDER :  She’s also called “ true Lavender “  and grows wild on the hills of Southern France.


SIRACUSA  LEMON :  This citrus fruit has been cultivated for 3,000 years and belongs to the Rutaceae family .



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Cedar, Lavender, Lemon, Rose

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